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Updated: Sunday, February 18, 2018


The following rules apply to all campers and visitors of Pine Hollow Lakeside Resort. Interpretation of the rules and final say in any dispute will be ruled by the management.

  • ALL FEES ARE PAYABLE IN ADVANCE: Our site rentals include 2 adults and up to 4 children (14 and under) with a MAX of 8 Persons per site. There are additional fees for the following
    • Extra Person(s) ($5 Adult, $1 Child, per night)
    • Extra Tent, includes 2 additional persons ($10 per night) (max of 1 extra tent per site)
    • Extra Vehicle ($5 per night) only 1 extra vehicle per site. RV’s and Motorhomes are not considered in the 2-vehicle limit. Boat trailers need to be parked in the overflow area for a weekly $5 fee. (fee is waived for those mooring the boats on the Dock)
    • Pets ($5 per night) MAX 2 per site.
  • REGISTRATION: campers must register at the store upon arrival.
    • Campers that have guests for the day will need to have them check-in at the store and get a Parking Pass ($5 per Vehicle).
    • Campers that have guests overnight must register them in the store, the extra person(s) rate will apply ($5 per adult, and $1 per child), not to exceed the MAX of 8 Persons per site, extra vehicles will require a parking pass.
  • PETS: ABSOLUTELY NO PETS IN HOUSE, CABINS, A-FRAMES, OR 5TH WHEELS. We are unable to clean the allergens from enclosed facilities to ensure the health and ability of those with allergies to use these Facilities.
    • Pets must be leashed and walked by a responsible party.
    • Any aggressive behavior by any pet may result in eviction.
    • Owners are responsible for picking up pet waste, the park supplies baggies located on the wall of restroom, and post by soda machine and Ice machine.
    • Do not leave pets unattended, or allow them to back and disturb others
    • No pets on the beach area between the Dock and old boat ramp south of the park. They are allowed North of the dock.
    • Check-In time is 3:00 pm
    • Check-Out time is 12:00pm (this is re-registration time also)
    • Late Check-Out is 5:00pm (If available for your site) See Rates for details.
  • RESTROOMS: Upon registration, you will be offered keycards to access the Restrooms. ($2 refundable deposit required per card)
    • Clean up after yourself
    • Notify staff in the Store if the Restrooms need attention
    • The restrooms will be closed briefly 3 times a day for cleaning.
    • Young children need to be accompanied.
    • There are Porta-Potties located near the Playground and in Overflow, these are toilets not garbage cans, no trash please.
  • QUIET HOURS:  Are from 10 pm to 7 am. No barking dogs, car alarms, stereos, or loud voices. If you can be heard in the next campsite you are in violation of QUIET HOURS.
    • This is to ensure everyone has a good time and not kept awake.
    • Violators will be asked to quiet down, and if it remains too loud may be asked to leave.
    • Arcade closes at 11 pm
    • All children are to be in their campsites unless accompanied by an adult.
  • VEHICLES: Will be parked in a manner as not to block the roadways or impede traffic of others.
    • Absolutely no vehicles on the beach area, NO EXCEPTIONS.
    • Speed limit in the Park is 5 MPH
    • Watch for children
    • Use of UTV’s (i.e. Quad, Side-by-side, or Gas Powered Scooter) as mobility devices in the park is okay, observe all the same rules as a car, and only use graveled road areas. Driver must have a state issued driver's license.
    • The use or brandishing of any weapon will result in a call to the Sheriff Office and the immediate and permanent exclusion from the park. Firearms being transport for hunting purposes are the exception.
  • USE OF SANITARY DISPOSAL: Is free to our registered overnight guests.
    • Please re-coil the hose and close cover when you are done.
    • Use of disposal by non-guest’s is available for a $10 fee
  • BOAT DOCK: SWIMMING UNDER, DIVING FROM, OR FISH OFF DOCK IS NOT ALLOWED. There are cables and chains anchoring the dock, boats coming and going and all of these actions could be dangerous or life threatening.
    • Moorage spaces are by assignment only, inquire in the store
    • Dock is closed to the public at 10 pm (park staff are exempt)
    • Do not block or impede the use of the mooring spaces not assigned to you.
  • BOATS: there is a 10 MPH speed limit on the lake 9 months of the year.
    • Sept – June 10 MPH
    • July 1st – the Tuesday after Labor Day the North end of the lake is open to water skiing, inner tubing, and wake boarding. There are white buoys across the lake dividing the fast and speed restricted areas.
    • Please observe a no wake policy around the docks, to prevent damage to the boats moored.
  • SWIMMING IS AT YOUR OWN RISK: We do not provide lifeguards, be careful and always keep an eye on your children, it only takes a second for terrible things to happen.
    • As mentioned above no swimming around or diving from the Dock.
  • FIRES: Are to be kept within the provided fire rings if burning is permitted. These should be left in place. Moving them causes future mud holes.
    • Please do not bring outside wood. Do to infestation problems we are losing many of our trees.
    • Firewood is sold at the store
    • Camp fires are regulated by the USFS, usually about July open fires are banned, when this happens the following options are available:
      • Rent Fire Dancer from us ($10 a night + Propane)
      • Bring a propane burning fire pit
      • Gas BBQ’s are allowed
  • TABLES: Are provided with each site.
    • Do not move them without managements permission, and return them when you’re done, if permission is given.

Thank you if you have reached the bottom of this page … We want you and everyone to enjoy their stay with us … If you see anything in the park that needs attention (leaky faucet, plugged toilet, or just an area that needs to be cleaned up) please come to the store and let us know so we can take care of it.


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